Oct 7

Another Best In Show For A Boston Terrier

When was the last time a Boston had more than one Best In Show wins in a year?  Well, yesterday (Oct 6), Brook Nugent and her bitch “Edna” got their 2nd best in show in the past month!!!!

Congratulations to Brook and Edna.

Oct 3


Lately, I’ve heard so many people say that sportsmanship is lacking at dog shows.  This is really unfortunate.

Everyone wants to win.  That’s understandable.  But please remember that it is equally important to support others, and to support a Boston that has been recognized by the judge as having the necessary qualities to represent the Boston terrier breed in the group ring.

The Year of the Boston

Boston Terriers have been achieving great things this year.  Judges are taking notice of the American Gentleman.  That’s great for the breed, and due in large part to better breeding practices.

In the conformation ring, and in performance events, Bostons are being recognized.

And did you know that one of our Jr Handlers is ranked #1 in Non-Sporting?

A question I have asked over the last several years is this: Why do BTCA members have to pay a fee to get BTCA awards that they have earned? I have belonged to and still belong to several local and national dog and horse clubs and NONE have ever asked a fee to get an award that was earned. Information was submitted to the club secretary, the awards were ordered and given to the member at the annual banquets. Members,ESPECIALLY at a nat'l level should GET recognition, not have to pay for it


Good question, and I’ll bring it up at the next Board meeting.  I suspect it is because literally hundreds of our members and their dogs earn awards each year.  It is probably not feasible from a financial standpoint.  But again - I’ll ask and will post on this forum.

Does this mean that only appropriate comments and questions that have responses may be seen? Fred


Yes.  I can control.  If a question is inappropriate, or someone is trying to post inappropriate material, I can delete.  Or, I can respond and tell that person to email me privately for an answer.

Is the site BTCA board approved?


Yes.  We approved it at the last Board meeting.  The Board thought it was a good idea, and another opportunity to increase communication to BTCA members.

Are you going to post information or ly respond to questions


I’ll be doing both.  I can post links to information (show packet, board meeting minutes - just about anything).

What are the dates of the 2013 National?


May 13-17, 2013 at the Hilton Indian Lakes Resort, Bloomingdale, IL


This is the new BTCA president’s blog.  Just one more communication source for BTCA members.  I hope you will check this blog on a regular basis for information, and that you will also use it to send questions, suggestions, or information related to the BTCA or Boston terriers in general.